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The core Duke Street team want to tell you about themselves...
Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson >

E: lisa@dukestreetgroup.com
T: 01620 890 902


I am a crossfit addict, I know this because I do it 5 times a week at 5.30am! In fact the only thing I like more than a compound exercise, as an Irish person, is a good potato.

Joking aside, having come full circle from owning a restaurant in Northern Ireland (where I put all my granny’s culinary training to good use), I then retrained as a Radio Producer and worked at the BBC for nearly ten years…and with food never being too far from my mind. Having run the event catering  and Cookery School kitchens i now enjoy creating and developing new foodie products.  I am also take commissions as a private chef and bespoke event management.

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Lisa Johnson
Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson >

E: neil@dukestreetgroup.com
T: 01620 890 902

Managing Director

When I asked colleagues what I do, the general consensus was they “didn’t know” and “take Monte for walks”. Others slightly more charitable said I was the “all seeing eye” and have occasionally been known to give that gentle ‘nudge’.

A chartered surveyor by trade, I was responsible for award winning developments from London Oxford Street, Brighton and Leeds. In 2008 I helped Lisa set up Duke Street and now combine my time between property and food product development.

Neil Johnson

Macgregor Monte Carlo

E: monte@dukestreetgroup.com
T: 01620 890 902

Guard Dog

Woof, woof, woof­woof! Likes the fire. Dislikes cats and bin lorries.

Monte signature

Duke Street Provisions no longer provides a catering service although we are pleased to say that Lisa is available individually for exclusive private chef commissions.